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Scar Removal
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Laser treatment is a safe, noninvasive method to significantly reduce the appearance of or completely remove unwanted scars nearly anywhere on the body. At Laser & Skin Surgery Center of Pennsylvania, our laser experts use the most advanced devices to treat scars of all shapes and sizes.


  • Downtime: Minimal
  • Pain Level: Minimal
  • Results Duration: Long-Lasting


Injury, trauma, or surgery scars

Side Effects:

Tenderness, swelling, and redness


Used on the face and body

Follow Up:

Some patients may require a series of treatments to achieve optimal results

How Performed:

Handheld device targets unwanted scarring without damaging the surrounding tissue


Topical and local anesthetics are available, but may not be needed

Procedure Type:


Expected Outcome:

Significant reduction or complete elimination of unwanted scar


Full results appear after the final treatment session

Scar Removal in PA

lsscpa dr wang examining a patient devon pa

Scars often serve as visible reminders of an injury, medical condition, or surgical procedure. Fortunately, there are many non-invasive treatment options available for scar removal.

At Laser & Skin Surgery Center of Pennsylvania, Jordan V. Wang, MD, MBE, MBA, and our board-certified dermatologists offer injectables, laser treatments, and energy-based devices to substantially reduce the appearance of visible scars without surgery or downtime. Our physicians work with patients of all ages, including young children, and customize each patient’s treatment plan to address all kinds of scars, including red scars, brown scars, surgical scars, acne scars, raised scars, or depressed scars with precision.

What causes scars?

Scars are often the result of an injury, accident, surgical procedure, or a side effect of cystic acne. They form when the skin becomes damaged, especially deeper down. When the skin repairs itself, new collagen fibers develop. Depending on the cause and healing process, scars can be depressed or raised, or red or darker in color. Scars can have a different texture compared to surrounding skin.

Are there different types of scars?

There are a few different types of scars, including:


      • Atrophic scars – These indented or depressed scars sit below the surface of the skin.
      • Boxcar scars – These are broad, shallow, box-like depressed scars with sharply defined edges, frequently seen after active acne.
      • Ice pick scars – These small yet deep acne scars narrow into a point as they reach down into the skin.
      • Rolling scars – These acne scars develop at varying depths and have sloping edges that give the skin a wavy and uneven appearance.
      • Hypertrophic and keloid scars – These thick scars result from excess scar tissue. Hypertrophic scars stay within the confines of a wound, while keloids can grow beyond it.

What types of scars can be treated?

At Laser & Skin Surgery Center of Pennsylvania, our board-certified dermatologists can treat all different types of scars, including the following:


      • Raised scars
      • Depressed scars
      • Acne scars
      • Red, brown, and white scars
      • Surgical scars
      • Mohs surgery scars
      • Traumatic injury scars

How does laser scar removal work?

Technically, laser scar treatments with resurfacing lasers work by stimulating new collagen and protein production in the area, with new skin that appears more uniform with the surrounding skin. Lasers help treat scars by accelerating their healing process, improving their pigment and texture, decreasing pain and itchiness, and improving the range of motion of the skin surrounding the scar. Other lasers and devices can be used to also stimulate collagen remodeling as well as discoloration, including red and brown.

Subcision, another type of scar removal surgery, involves cutting fibrotic strands to help replace this with new connective tissue to elevate scars.

Laser Scar Treatment options

One of the most effective treatments for scars is laser and energy-based device therapy. Our board-certified dermatologists have the experience and training to use various state-of-the-art devices to safely and effectively treat scars.

Some of the most common laser and energy-based devices our board-certified dermatologists use are:


dr wang performing a laser scar removal treatment

Does laser scar removal hurt?

Most laser scar removal treatments performed at Laser & Skin Surgery Center of Pennsylvania are well-tolerated and involve little discomfort. Before a procedure, we apply topical numbing cream or local anesthetic to ensure a more comfortable treatment experience. Our board-certified dermatologists are highly trained in using lasers and always take the necessary steps to make patient comfort a top priority.

How does laser and device therapy treat scars?

Ablative lasers use high-energy light to remove the outer layers of damaged skin while stimulating new collagen production in the skin’s inner layers. As the scar’s top layer peels off, new skin appears smoother, making the scar less noticeable.

Fractional lasers create micro-channels in the skin that trigger the body’s own collagen to smooth and heal skin from the inside out. Non-ablative lasers also stimulate collagen production by heating the skin’s inner layers, promoting improved skin texture and tone.

Radiofrequency (RF) microneedling uses tiny needles to penetrate deep in your skin, where it can deliver RF energy to safely stimulate collagen production deeper down.

The pulsed dye laser can also target redness and blood vessels to make scars appear less red and more like your surrounding skin.

Scar removal lasers can be safe and effective for all skin types.

dr wang treating scars on a female patient in devon pa

Can injectable treatments work for scar removal?

We offer a combination of Botox® Cosmetic and dermal fillers for facial scar treatment. Botox can temporarily relax muscles and lessen strain on the wound, softening the appearance of the scars. Dermal fillers can add volume to the skin, raise depressed areas of scars, and improve the scar’s contours.

When is the best time for laser scar treatment?

While old and fully healed scars are still treatable, the optimal time for laser scar treatment is during the premature stage of scar formation or within weeks after an injury. Sooner treatment may help deliver better results.

When will I see results?

You may begin to see improvement in the tone and texture of your treated area in the weeks following your laser procedure. Most patients may require multiple sessions to achieve an optimal outcome. Scars should gradually improve after each session, and full results become apparent after your final procedure.

How long is the recovery time after treatment?

Most laser scar treatments do not require much downtime. You might experience temporary redness, swelling, and mild tenderness at the treatment sites, but you should still be able to resume your normal activities. These common side effects typically subside within days to weeks. You should always protect your skin from sun exposure while it heals to avoid complications.

Contact Laser & Skin Surgery Center of Pennsylvania to Schedule Your Scar Removal

If you have scars that restrict movement or cause cosmetic concerns, you may benefit from a scar removal treatment. Our board-certified and fellowship-trained dermatologists use the most innovative methods in research and diagnosis of skin conditions to provide comprehensive cosmetic and medical treatment for all types of dermatologic conditions. If you have any additional questions about scar removal or would like to schedule an appointment, contact us today.


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Real Scar Removal Patients Before and
After photos

Laser Treatment to Remove Scars on a Woman’s Hand

Laser Treatment to Remove Scars on a Woman’s Hand

Disclaimer: Results may vary from patient to patient. Results are not guaranteed.
Vbeam laser with injections to treat scar after heart surgery

Vbeam laser with injections to treat scar after heart surgery

Disclaimer: Results may vary from patient to patient. Results are not guaranteed.
Laser Treatment to Remove a Scar on the Leg

Laser Treatment to Remove a Scar on the Leg

Disclaimer: Results may vary from patient to patient. Results are not guaranteed.

Scar Treatment


Q: Is Laser Scar Treatment Safe?

A: Yes. Every laser we use at Laser & Skin Surgery Center of Pennsylvania is FDA-approved. Our-board-certified dermatologists also have extensive training to ensure each treatment is performed with the highest quality of safety and precision in mind.

Q: How Successful Will My Treatment Be?

A: Laser therapy is highly effective at reducing the appearance of all types of scars. How successful your treatment is depends largely on your type of scar, its depth, and your skin tone. Your dermatologist will perform a comprehensive exam at the beginning of your treatment to discuss the results you can expect from your procedure.

Q: How Long Do Results Last?

A: Laser treatment delivers long-lasting results by permanently altering the scar itself. Once you complete your treatment regimen, your scar should not return.

Q: Are There Any Side Effects?

A: Mild swelling, tenderness, redness, and bruising at the treatment site are common side effects of laser scar removal. These effects are temporary and should subside within a few days, during which time you can continue carrying on with your normal activities. The best way to prevent complications from laser treatment is to avoid sun exposure while you recover.

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