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Laser Skin Resurfacing
in Devon, PA

Lasers use beams of light to selectively target skin cells and build new collagen fibers, offering a non-surgical technique for skin rejuvenation.



Fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, sun damage, scars, acne scars, surgical scars, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, skin laxity, some types of birthmarks, hyperpigmentation, melasma, and more

Side Effects:

Varies based on the device used and treatment intensity – patients might experience swelling, redness, discomfort, peeling, and crusting or flaking


Primarily used on the face, neck, chest, and hands

Follow Up:

Some treatments may require follow-up visits

How Performed:

Laser delivers beams of light energy into the skin through a handpiece that passes over the skin’s surface


Topical or local anesthesia administered prior to treatment

Procedure Type:


Expected Outcome:

Improved appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, scars, pigmentation, skin tone, and texture with a rejuvenated appearance


Varies based on the device used, but full results are evident once the skin heals

How can laser skin resurfacing help me?

patient in devon pa undergoing a laser skin resurfacing treatment

Laser skin resurfacing can treat the following common skin concerns:


Laser resurfacing treatments offered

To help patients rejuvenate their skin, the board-certified dermatologists of Laser & Skin Surgery Center of Pennsylvania use the following fractional laser resurfacing devices:


Laser skin resurfacing Before and After

Laser Treatment for Brown Spots and Sun Damage on the Cheeks

Laser Treatment for Brown Spots and Sun Damage on the Cheeks

Disclaimer: Results may vary from patient to patient. Results are not guaranteed.
Fraxel Laser for Facial Wrinkles

Fraxel Laser for Facial Wrinkles

Disclaimer: Results may vary from patient to patient. Results are not guaranteed.
Laser Treatment for Actinic Keratosis on Female Patient

Laser Treatment for Actinic Keratosis on Female Patient

Disclaimer: Results may vary from patient to patient. Results are not guaranteed.

The laser resurfacing procedure at Laser & Skin Surgery Center of Pennsylvania

Laser resurfacing procedures are performed on an outpatient basis, using topical numbing cream or injectable anesthetics. All of our laser resurfacing treatments are performed by board-certified dermatologists who make patient comfort a top priority. Depending on your procedure, we will discuss your anesthesia options before treatment.

Once the treatment area is numb, your dermatologist begins the treatment using the selected skin resurfacing laser, which is moved slowly around the treatment area. You may feel a warm, tingling, or prickly sensation. Many of our devices include integrated air cooling to enhance patient comfort.

Laser resurfacing for the face can take about 15-60 minutes for topical numbing and about 10-20 minutes for the treatment, depending on the treatment performed.

Many patients can benefit from multiple treatment sessions. Your dermatologist will assess your skin to better determine the right procedure plan for you.

Why choose Laser & Skin Surgery Center of Pennsylvania for your laser resurfacing?

  • Our board-certified dermatologists perform all treatments and customize procedure plans to treat a broad range of skin conditions.
  • We are experts in laser and energy-based treatments.
  • We have extensive experience with the latest research in lasers and energy-based devices.
  • We have an impressive 8,000-square-foot dermatology center to accommodate every patient’s needs.
  • We offer early appointment availability.

Schedule laser skin resurfacing in Devon, PA

Laser & Skin Surgery Center of Pennsylvania is a prestigious dermatology practice that provides comprehensive medical and cosmetic treatments, including laser skin resurfacing. Our facility offers many lasers and devices, and with our expertise and custom treatment plans, we can help you safely achieve beautiful and natural-looking results.

Contact us to schedule a consultation and learn more about our laser skin resurfacing treatments.

Laser Skin Resurfacing FAQ

Q: How much does laser skin resurfacing cost in Devon, PA?

A: The average cost for a full-face laser skin resurfacing in the Main Line and Philadelphia area varies. The total cost depends on the type of laser used, the area being treated, the number of sessions you need, and your skin condition. The cost of your procedure will be discussed during your consultation.

Q: Can I combine laser skin resurfacing with other treatments?

A: Yes. You can combine laser skin resurfacing with other treatments (e.g., Botox and injectables, lasers to target redness, and lasers to target darker pigmentation) for enhanced rejuvenation.


Q: What is the recovery time for laser skin resurfacing?

A: Recovery time for fractional lasers can vary depending on the laser used for the treatment, the treatment settings, and the skin condition being treated.


Q: Can laser skin resurfacing be done on all skin types?

A: Fractional lasers can be safe for all skin types when performed using the right lasers and the right settings for your skin. But the best way to determine if a treatment is right for your skin type is to consult with a dermatologist with extensive knowledge and training in laser resurfacing treatments.

Q: Is laser skin resurfacing painful?

A: We typically apply a numbing anesthetic to the skin before the treatment. You may feel a warm or prickly sensation. Our simultaneous air cooling can also help keep you comfortable throughout your session.

Q: How long do the effects of laser skin resurfacing last?

A: Laser skin resurfacing treatments often produce long-lasting results. You can extend your results by using sun protection and investing in a high-quality skin care regimen. Regular maintenance treatments are recommended to help sustain your results.

Q: What are the most common side effects of laser skin resurfacing?

A: Laser skin resurfacing typically has minimal and temporary side effects that may include:

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Warm or burning sensation
  • Temporary hyperpigmentation

Q: Can I wear makeup after laser skin resurfacing?

A: Makeup can irritate healing skin. It is best to wait until the skin has had a chance to fully heal, around 3-10 days, before wearing makeup.

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