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Restylane Refyne and Defyne are innovative fillers that minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for younger-looking skin.

  • Downtime: very minimal
  • Pain Level: Very Minimal
  • Results Duration: Up to 12 months


Facial lines and wrinkles, volume loss

Side Effects:

Redness, swelling, and bruising at the injection site immediately after treatment


Primarily used on the face

Follow Up:

No follow up required

How Performed:

Injected into the target area with a small needle or microcannula


Topical anesthetic available

Procedure Type:

Injectable filler

Expected Outcome:

Fewer lines and wrinkles, improved volume


Immediate results with full impact within 1-2 days

What is Restylane Refyne/Defyne?

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Restylane® Refyne and Defyne harness the power of hyaluronic acid to treat facial wrinkles, lines, folds, and volume loss. They are FDA approved and known as some of the safest fillers worldwide. Restylane Refyne and Defyne are flexible fillers that maintain natural expressions and appearances, making them an ideal treatment for areas of the face that see more movement like around the mouth.

Laser & Skin Surgery Center of Pennsylvania serves the greater Philadelphia area on the Main Line in Devon with a comprehensive range of procedures and treatments. Our board-certified dermatologists are experts at administering injectables for flawless and long-lasting results.

How does Restylane Refyne/Defyne treat wrinkles?

Restylane Defyne and Refyne are FDA-approved fillers that are designed to treat facial wrinkles using XpressHAn technology, which enables natural and flexible facial movement and expressions. They use hyaluronic acid to reduce the appearance of smile and laugh lines, with natural, long-lasting results.

Refyne filler targets mild to moderate dynamic wrinkles, which occur from repeated facial expressions like laughing, smiling, and frowning, while Defyne filler treats more severe wrinkles.

A Refyne or Defyne treatment can help:

  • Minimize creases, lines, and wrinkles
  • Hydrate skin
  • Rejuvenate skin
  • Plump facial lines
  • Improve volume loss
  • Improve perceived age

What can Restylane Refyne/Defyne treat?

Restylane Refyne and Defyne are injectable fillers that treat lines and wrinkles on the face. Refyne is more effective in treating:

  • Dynamic wrinkles like smile and laugh lines
  • Unwanted creases in the lower portion of the face
  • Mild-to-moderate lines around the nose and mouth

Defyne is more effective in treating:

  • Deeper dynamic wrinkles like smile and laugh lines
  • Moderate-to-severe lines
  • Volume loss

Restylane Refyne and Defyne are most commonly used to treat:

  • Nasolabial folds—lines that extend from the nose to the corner of the mouth
  • Marionette lines—wrinkles that run from the mouth to the chin
  • Smile lines—small vertical lines at the corners of the mouth
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What is a Restylane Refyne/Defyne treatment like from a dermatologist?

Injectable fillers are administered with a small needle or microcannula based on the size of the treatment area and how much filler is needed. Restylane Refyne and Defyne treatments are minimally-invasive and can take up to 30 minutes to administer. Many patients find the treatments painless, but topical numbing cream and other options are available to ensure a positive experience. It is a simple procedure with little to no downtime—patients can resume normal activities immediately after treatment.

When will I see results?

Patients can often see immediate results. Minor side effects such as redness, swelling, and bruising can delay complete results for one to two days. Once the skin is healed, results are visible and long-lasting.

How long will my results last?

Restylane Refyne and Defyne treatments can last up to one year. Your Laser & Skin Surgery Center of Pennsylvania physician can recommend proper follow-up treatments to maintain your positive results indefinitely.

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Restylane Refyne/Defyne


Q: Are Restylane Refyne/Defyne approved by the FDA?

A: Yes. Restylane Refyne and Defyne earned FDA approval in 2016 as a safe treatment for facial lines, creases, and wrinkles. Refyne and Defyne were part of two critical phase-3 studies that demonstrated their safety and efficacy.

Q: Am I a good candidate for Restylane Refyne/Defyne?

A: Restylane Refyne and Defyne are safe and effective for both men and women, and all skin tones and skin types. They are most effective in treating patients with moderate-to-severe lines around the nose, mouth, and chin. Our board-certified dermatologists can help identify which treatment or combination treatment can help you achieve your unique needs.

Q: Does a Restylane Refyne/Defyne treatment hurt?

A: Most patients find Restylane Refyne and Defyne treatments to be comfortable and quick. The fillers are injected with a small needle or microcannula and are minimally-invasive. Ask your physician about a topical numbing cream or other options to make your experience more comfortable.

Q: Are there any side effects?

A: While side effects are not common, they can occur in some patients. Symptoms are temporary, typically subsiding within one to two days. When correctly handled by trained and experienced dermatologists, Restylane Refyne and Defyne produce natural and noticeable results. Some side effects include:

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Irritation

Q: What will I look like after my Restylane Refyne/Defyne treatment?

A: Laser & Skin Surgery Center of Pennsylvania has highly skilled and experienced expert dermatologists that consider facial anatomy before recommending and administering any procedure. The XpressHAn technology in Refyne and Defyne fillers ensures that facial movements and expressions are fluid and natural. Refyne and Defyne produce natural-looking results and younger-looking skin when appropriately administered and not overdone.

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