Located in Chester County, Pennsylvania, just 25 miles away from Philadelphia, Malvern is a small borough with a rich history. In 1777, it became a site for Paoli Massacre — various obelisks and museums around the city still hold the memory of this event. 

Malvern, PA is located on the Main Line — a series of wealthy suburbs surrounding the greater Philadelphia area. 3,419 people call this borough home and create a unique, vibrant, and diverse community.

The Malvern Neighborhood

Malvern, PA is a town for those enamored with history. Everything here reminds you of the great historical events happening in the area in the past. From Victorian buildings to local entertainment sites, every location has its own architectural style and a special charm one can only find in old cities. 

Despite being such an important historical landmark, Malvern doesn’t feel like an old and rusty town. Instead, it’s a flourishing and affluent borough with public and private schools, a reliable public transit system, and an abundance of homes for sale.

Dermatology in Malvern, PA

Malvern is known for many things, but above all is its main medical and cosmetic dermatology hub — Laser & Skin Surgery Center of Pennsylvania. Tourists, as well as people living in the area and around, love visiting this place to receive the highest quality treatments for all skin concerns. 

Treatments offered

Laser & Skin Surgery Center of Pennsylvania in Malvern, PA is a brand new, 8,000 sq. feet treatment center with 16 exam rooms. Whether you need to get rid of wrinkles, tighten your skin, or receive acne scar treatment, our board-certified dermatologists are happy to help. Schedule your appointment for the following procedures:

Things To Do in Malvern, PA

Malvern, PA is adored by the locals and people visiting the area for its unique character and a broad spectrum of interesting activities. In the borough, you can:

  • Relive the long-forgotten past at the Paoli Battlefield. In 1777, the Paoli Battlefield became the location for a small yet victorious battle during the American Revolution. The entire battlefield is preserved in its original form and open to the public with no admission fees.
  • Enjoy the show at People’s Light theater. People’s Light is one of the biggest non-profit theaters in the entire state. Year-round, locals and tourists can enjoy the innovative plays, each of them relevant to the local communities and their problems.
  • Have a taste test at Locust Lane Craft Brewery. The main destination for all beer lovers around the area. Locust Lane Craft Brewery features 14 taps with seasonal, test batch, and flagship beers — all crafted and brewed right here, in Malvern.

Schedule a Consultation with a Dermatologist in Malvern, PA

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